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I have started this site with the intentions of sharing things that I have learned along life's way.  I studied Respiratory Therapy and Nursing in college and no longer work in those fields as I chose to be a stay at home mother.  Some people say that is a waste of my degrees, but I think it is one of the greatest blessings I could have.  I still enjoy caring for people and assisting them in their health's journey, just from a bit of a different angle.  My desire for health and wellness has been geared the last several years of my life in not so much of a quick treatment for specific problems, but an approach of prevention.  I have studied herbs, supplements, nutritional approaches, and current concepts in health that are not readily accepted by mainstream physicians and media.  I have a desire to continue on in health and wellness by studying naturopathy.  Health and prevention are truly what I am most passionate about. I am not a doctor though or a nutritionist, just a passionate mom who wants to see her family as healthy as possible.      

I am extremely quirky about nutrition.  The majority of my nutritional beliefs are based on Weston A. Price's research, although, I have adapted some based on personal preference.  I have heard people say we "eat a tree bark and grass" diet before!  No, we don't, but we are conscious of what foods we do eat to some extent.  There are many, many authors writing books, teaching classes, etc., etc., and honestly, you just have to find "what works for you- meaning your best state of health." It can be so mind-boggling when you read this and then read this over here that contradicts what you first read!  That's why I say, find what works for you (what gives you energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness) and stick with it.  I know for me, I choose to eat more "paleo" WAPF in style (essentially low carb, but I DO eat raw dairy and legumes). Truthfully, I am not 100% whole-heartedly "paleo" either! I am a WAPF'er at heart.  I do try everyday to stress the importance of our food choices.  Eat REAL FOOD that is my main mantra!  Buy the most local, freshest food possible and avoid pre-packaged food at all cost.  Drink raw milk, be extremely picky about your oils (use real butter and coconut oil - use NO HYDROGENATED OILS or VEGETABLE OILS whatsoever), eat grass-fed beef, pastured, hormone-free chicken, true wild caught fish, lots of lower carb veggies, minimal amounts of fructose (fruit sugars) and above all else...AVOID SUGAR and all forms of it. 

Several years ago, I invested a lot of money in a grain mill, a dough mixer, bread pans, and buckets of different grains, so I can not just throw all that away!  Nor do I expect my children to totally give up bread or cookies for life.  Moderation is key!  There are lots of substitutions I use in place of grains so we are not eating them all the time, but we do have them occasionally when they are "traditionally prepared" making them more nutritionally absorbable. 
You will find a variety of recipes and thoughts here that I share, some "low carb" and some not, but I hope you enjoy what you see and find something of value to you too.

Lifestyle and diet are two great factors that are in your control for better health, why not optimize them!  Better health will take some due diligence on your part, researching and studying what is available and also putting into action the appropriate changes, whether that be cutting out sugar from your diet or more daily exercise, etc.  Find an improvement you can make in your health and just start!  That is a huge step in the right direction.

There are tons of supplements, recipes, and "health suggestions" out there, that can assist you, but which ones are right for you?  Only you, your body, and your physician/nutritionist can facilitate you in those choices.

There are so many great resources today for our health, FINDING them can be the tricky part … so let me share with you as I continue to search them out too.

Let your best shine through!

To your health,

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(If you find any value from this site, PLEASE share it with others, knowledge is power, but only if you know and put it to use...thanks so much for reading, I hope it is a blessing to you!!)

Please note:  this site is a labor of love, so there will be new content added as time allows in all areas of my life!  Thanks for understanding!