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Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Free Guide to Healthy Living Book

A Guide to Healthy Living by Dr. Dale Jacobson, D.C,.a Free downloadable book
If you attended the last WAPF Chapter meeting (or read about it), you might remember this name...Dr. Dale Jacobson.  This was the man interviewing and discussing with Organic Pastures owner,Mark McAfee, in the video, Raw Milk the Whole Truth (aka The Raw Milk Controversy.) 

Dr. Jacobson is a pioneer in his own right, promoting the healing benefits of raw milk, kefirs, clabbers, and ferments for the past 20 some years!  

Aside from his knowledge on this, he also has been a chiropractor for 33 years, manages a 20 acre farm, and is an avid yoga participant.  He has written this book, Guide to Healthy Living, that is available to his patients in the Nevada City, CA region, but so graciously made it available online to others, free of charge!

This, Guide to Healthy Living, has over 340 pages of information!  It is broken into 3 parts:  Part 1-Essays on Personal Health, Part 2-The Mom Section, Part 3- Strengthening Exercises to Help Prevent Injury and Promote Healing.

Click here to download this book.

You can visit his website here at and find many points of interest under the sections Dale's Book and Resources.  So even if you aren't local to his area, you can still benefit by the information he has made available.