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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Bakers, Food Freedom, and a Farmer in Need!

Baker Family Photo
Update!! March 7th, 2014, thanks to your support and that of The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund attorney team, Mark Baker will get to keep his pigs and farm!  Thank you!

This family needs your support!  The Bakers, a family of nine, from Bakers Green Acres, in MI, has been raising a heritage breed of pigs that is now considered an invasive species by the Michigan DNR.  This family's livelihood is under attack     and so is your food freedom.

To understand more of WHY the Baker's farm has been targeted, directly from the farmer's website, click here.

Feral Farmer Fund
Feral Farmer Fund

Farm Food Freedom KY has a blog post devoted to this cause, it is worth reading... is here and involves PINK CLONED PIGS and LABELING YOU WON'T SEE!

...Can you help support this farmer with a $5 donation and by sharing this information?  

By standing together and supporting these farmers under attack, we can help make a change in the injustice MANY farmers are facing today.  Where are all the heritage breeds going?  They are being destroyed and it WILL affect us all, slowly but surely...we can stand together in this fight for YOUR Food Freedom... join the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and get the latest news in the front line battles, protecting your freedom!