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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Safety Study Keeps Confirming Nano-Silver Superior

American Biotech Labs Silver Supplement
American Biotech Labs is making national news regarding a brand new safety study that was recently completed on their nano-silver technology!  

(Another reason to highly recommend their silver; more evidence it is SAFE to take and use.) 

This was the first ever double blind silver safety study on any silver supplement.

Some notes to take from the article and the abstract:
-          No toxicity shown on any of the numerous systems tested in the body
-          The silver hits maximum strength in the blood within 2 hours (quickly absorbed)
-          American Biotech Labs silver is completely out of the body within 24 hours 

(It is known that ionic/colloidal forms leave tiny amounts of silver in the body.  That’s why if you take an extremely large quantity over a long period of time, your skin can turn a bluish-gray color, known as Argyria.  This test shows what we always knew- that isn’t a worry with American Biotech Labs silver.)

Click here to read the Safety Study.

Click here to see an excerpt from the article in the Wall Street Journal.

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