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Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Your Own "Happy Birthday" Ice Cream Cake!

Happy Birthday Ice Cream Cake
Make your own home made frozen ice cream cake!  

This has been rolling around in my head for awhile and with a recent family member's birthday...I finally tried it!  

This cake was good!  It not only was good, but I didn't feel any remorse eating a piece!  No junky trans fats or yucky hydrogenated oils here!  Actually no flour or sugar either.

Want to know the recipe?  The two recipes I used have been posted or linked to somewhere on this blog before... they are the Coconut Flour Brownie recipe and the Easy Ice Cream Bar recipe (from Healthy Indulgences Blog.)  I just combined them and made a birthday cake!!

Check out these pictures!
This is after the cake was frozen for 3-4 hours
Sliced after thawing for about 10 minutes at room temperature
Up close pic of shaved sugar free chocolate used as decoration

Make 2 brownie recipes in two round 8 inch cake pans.
Cool and gently halve each "cake" with dental floss.

When cakes are ready to ice, (make 4 times the amount listed for recipe) make the "ice cream bar filling recipe."

I added an extra 8 oz softened cream cheese and a splash of vanilla extract to the ice cream filling.
I wanted to be sure I would have plenty of ice cream to layer and ice the outside of the cake layers, ...but ended up with plenty...the extra cream cheese probably wasn't necessary.  (Although, with extra ice cream bar filling remaining, it is always nice to make a few quick bars for extra snack insurance!) 

Everyone that tasted this cake was pleased and so was I!  It was a bit rich, so a little slice will go a long way.  

Be sure though to THAW in advance prior to takes awhile (like 30 minutes) if frozen overnight, less time (10-15 minutes) if only frozen a few hours before serving.

Try this home made ice cream cake at your next birthday and enjoy feeding those you love with better than store-bought ice cream cake ingredients! 

(Be on the look out because I have a vanilla cake and ice cream recipe swirling around in my head for those that like vanilla!...coming soon to another Happy Birthday party!)

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