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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Black Gold, Does Your Home Have It?

Black Gold to me, to some it is not of value
Black Gold!  Yep, it is valued highly in my house...what is it you may ask?  

It is...activated charcoal powder.  

To me, this is a substance that SHOULD BE IN EVERYONE'S HOUSE.  

I love this stuff.  It is really like a "black hole" on earth.  Does it contain healing powers?  Well, actually,  it is pretty benign.  Its magic lies in what it is capable of doing...or ADSORBING in other words.
Get a bucket of this and you won't be sorry!
Here is how I buy activated charcoal.  In the buckets.  

It is available in capsules, in chewable tablets, and in powder form.  However you decide to keep it, just make sure you do.

Charcoal is nothing new or modern, but that's what I love about it.  It still works the same for everyone everywhere just as it has for millennia.

The uses for charcoal consist of a WIDE range and probably not even all covered here below:
  • drug overdose (emergency rooms use this a lot for drug overdoses)
  • reactions to drugs
  • counteract poisons
  • diarrhea/dysentery
  • intestinal gas and bloating
  • bad breath
  • bites and stings
  • jaundice
  • infections
  • draining wounds
  • filtering water
  • Lyme disease
  • vomiting
  • whitening teeth
  • removing odors in large or small areas
  • detoxing
  • filtering blood in dialysis machines
  • some report it can even help in anaphylactic shock by adsorbing the noxious substance from the body
  • use in air filters
  • use in maintaining livestock and pet health
Charcoal powder can be used in water in a SLURRY (about a tbsp of charcoal in a glass of water)...stirred and drunk immediately for acute situations.

Charcoal powder can be used as a POULTICE over an infected area, bite, or wound.  (Usually a poultice consists of even amounts of ground flax seed and charcoal powder, mixed with a bit of warm water, to make a "pie dough" consistency.)  Spread the poultice on area and cover with plastic wrap and warm with heating pad if desired.  Change poultice frequently for an open wound.  We typically leave on overnight or as necessary for each situation.

Charcoal has even been used just as is, simply sprinkled on an area when nothing else was available with great success.  This was recorded in the book, Charcoal Remedies, about hurt animals who actually lived with only a sprinkling of charcoal on an open wound when first thought that they were left to die. 

A great place to read more about charcoal and its amazing benefits are here at and the book, Charcoal Remedies .  You won't be disappointed and ever so glad you did.  Don't forget, if you don't have any on hand, it would be a good time to add it to your "medicine cabinet" or emergency kit.  

If you do buy it in large quantities like I do, it is handy to fill up a few empty supplement bottles and store the powder in small quantities wherever you think you might need it.

Charcoal is extremely safe and economical, but it shouldn't be consumed within two hours of prescription medications.  (It can adsorb those medications right out.)  Also, don't forget one thing when ingesting charcoal...WATER and lots of it!  It can be constipating without drinking enough water with it. is where I purchase ours from.  For your convenience and local shopping, it is available here in many forms.

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