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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breakfast Anytime!

Eat Your Breakfast For Supper!
Some days are just busy!  

Here is an idea for you to try on those days when supper time just seems to creep up on you and you find yourself unprepared.  Not that it is a new idea, but one that is sometimes forgotten.

Our "breakfast for supper" is:
  • a small bunch of organic lettuce
  • a few eggs sunny side up (eating yolks uncooked allows for more nutrients to remain in yolk)
  • a few slices of bacon  (Trader Joe's has some great pastured bacon!)
  • a piece of sourdough bread with lots of Amish butter 

Remember to find FRESH, local FARM eggs from a trusted source. Plus, in this meal the yolk is all the "dressing" needed for the lettuce.

Also, always check your ingredients when purchasing sourdough bread.  If YEAST is listed, then it is not a true sour-leavened bread and I would AVOID it.

Trader Joe's has a decent sourdough bread and also some sprouted breads we purchase (to maximize nutrient absorption and minimize phytic acid from the grain.) 

A tip on preparing bacon, is to pre-cook big batches and freeze so it is ready when you need it, toaster ovens work great to reheat bacon!

This is a quick, nutritious meal, that can be prepared in minutes!

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