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Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank you & DVD Presentations

The Oiling of America

Thank you to all that came out for the first chapter meeting of the WAPF Pickens County Chapter tonight!  Your support meant so much to me.  I want to share the link for the dvd presentation in its entirety for further viewing.

The Oiling of America, by Dr. Mary Enig, presented by Sally Fallon, MA

Introduction to the Work of Weston A. Price (Not the same exact presentation that was first shown tonight, but very good for first time hearers!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Therapeutic Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil Pack

I do not recommend castor oil for internal use, but for external use it has wonderful healing benefits!

Castor oil applied topically in the form of a "castor oil pack" was talked about much by the late psychic healer Edgar Cayce, and then re-popularized by the primary care physician, William McGarey, author of The Oil That Heals: A Physician's Successes With Castor Oil Treatments

According to a double-blind study titled the "Immunomodulation through Castor Oil Packs", published in the 1997 Journal of Naturopathic Medicine in a report by Harvey Grady, castor oil applied topically was found to enhance immunologic function. 

This study revealed that a castor oil pack therapy of a minimal two-hour duration produced an increase in the number of T-11 cells and during the following 24 hour period, there was an increase in the total number of lymphocytes.  

(Lymphocytes are your immune system's disease-fighting cells and are produced and stored mainly in your lymphatic tissue- such as thymus gland, spleen, and lymph nodes.) 

Waste and toxin build up is removed through your lymphatic system, so if this system gets congested, it can lead to inflammation and disease.  As the castor oil pack is applied, this increase in the action of the lymphatic cells helps to reduce congestion and increase lymphocyte production, thereby increasing healing and toxin removal from the affected area. 

Castor oil packs are easy and economical to apply.  You will need:
  • a high quality, cold-pressed castor oil (one that specifies such on the bottle)
  • wool flannel (enough to fold in about 4 layers)
  • plastic wrap or a large enough plastic bag
  • a heating pad or hot water bottle
  • a large enough towel to cover area
Soak the flannel entirely in castor oil (you want it wet, but not dripping with oil.)  This can be done in a pan or dish able to contain both the flannel and castor oil.  Next, apply the layered flannel to the area that needs treatment.  Cover flannel with plastic wrap or a plastic bag.  Begin to apply heat to area, start on low and work up to medium; keep heat at a comfortable setting- do not allow it to burn the skin.
Cover or wrap area with towel to keep the heat in.  Leave pack on for a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours.  If desired, the skin can be cleansed with warm soap and water after removal.  This pack can be reused up to 30 times.  (Store in an airtight bag or container in the refrigerator, it is best to warm up some before using again, also one pack per person is recommended.)

Some of the indications for use are:  
  • uterine fibroids,
  • benign physiologic or polycystic ovaries, 
  • any liver or gall bladder disorder, 
  • migraines, 
  • lower back pain, 
  • varicose veins, 
  • intestinal disorders such as constipation, 
  • irritable bowel,
  • acute gastritis.  
Use during pregnancy is not recommended except while under the care of your physician. 

Links for further reading about castor oil therapy:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are You an Emotional Eater?

Hunger May be the Missing Factor in Your Life
If you have EVER been an emotional eater, then this is for you... ANY KIND of EATING DISORDER, BODY IMAGE DISORDERS...!!

You see, I have been there a time or two in my life.  

Eating for any other reason other than hunger is EMOTIONAL EATING.  

It is true. I have read the book Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG Protocol by Robin Phipps Woodall, and it struck a cord with me.

You see there were times, that I may not have wanted to admit it, but I found reasons to eat when my body was NOT calling for food.  By eating out of sync with your TRUE hunger signals, you disrupt your whole endocrine system, thereby wreaking havoc with your HORMONES.

Through much prayer and meditation, (what I would consider an era of rehab in my life)  I have finally found what works and doesn't work for me regarding weight loss, myself, and ultimately my happiness with or without the SCALE.  Take heart, you can find that place too!

Watching videos (as well by Robin) which you can find here on YouTube, has helped me also in this realization.  Even though I follow a very good diet, (one in which I don't consume a whole lot of processed foods or junk) I know now the missing link was HUNGER.

If you find yourself eating for any rationalization other than being truly hungry, you just may benefit from watching Robin's videos too.  You don't have to follow the HCG diet or protocol to apply her "hunger scale" to your life.  You don't even have to eat a certain kind of diet to apply this to your life.  All you have to do is be honest with yourself and step back from food, dieting, and exercise, and acknowledge you may need to reevaluate what you do and WHY YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT.

Here are some of Robin's videos (made with some of her clients) that may hit home with you and may possibly make you reevaluate some things in your life too, as they did for me a year ago.







Robin also has a Facebook Weight Loss Apocalypse page you may like to read, click here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor

How to Raise a Healthy Child Inspite of Your Doctor
How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor

This is a must read book for parents who need an extra understanding of medical terms, risk, and side-effects of mainstream medicine.  

The late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn practiced pediatric medicine for almost 30 years.  During this time he witnessed treatments and diagnostics in this field in which he was able to correlate what worked, what was deemed necessary, and what he felt was unnecessary intervention (with explanations WHY he felt so as well.)

Dr. Mendelsohn had received many awards for excellence in medicine and medical instruction.  He had served as the national director of Project Head Start's Medical Consultation Service, chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee for the State of Illinois, and associate professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health in the School of Medicine of the University of Illinois.

He is quoted by many in the medical world as a heretic, but that is the way of anyone standing against mainstream ideas, is it not?

This book puts many things into perspective, especially helpful to any parent.  

I highly recommend reading this book, it would serve as a good reference book on your shelf as well.  

There are times that medical intervention is crucial and also the reverse; so educating yourself is not a bad idea, to understand and be able to take an active part in your child's health.

Here are the 21 chapter titles you will find:
  1. Most Things Get Better by Morning
  2. Parents and Grandparents Are Wiser than Doctors
  3. How Doctors Can Make Healthy Kids Sick
  4. Protecting Your Children Before They Are Born
  5. Proper Nutrition for Health and Growth
  6. What You Should Expect of Your Child
  7. Fever:  Your Body's Defense Against Disease
  8. Headache:  Usually Emotional, but the Pain is Real
  9. Mother, My Tummy Hurts
  10. Coughs, Sneezes, and Runny Noses
  11. The Mythical Menace of Strep Throat
  12. Earaches:  Painful,   Yes;  Dangerous, Rarely
  13. Protecting Your Child's Vision
  14. Skin Problems:  The Curse of Adolescence
  15. Skeletons in the Orthopedic Closet
  16. Accidental Injuries:  Medicine at Its Best
  17. Asthma and Allergies:  Try Diet, Not Drugs
  18. The Child Who Never Sits Still
  19. Immunization against Disease:  A Medical Time Bomb?
  20. Hospitals:  Where Patients Go to Get Sick
  21. How to Select the Right Doctor for Your Child
A quote of his, "Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Nature are the best doctors around."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breakfast Anytime!

Eat Your Breakfast For Supper!
Some days are just busy!  

Here is an idea for you to try on those days when supper time just seems to creep up on you and you find yourself unprepared.  Not that it is a new idea, but one that is sometimes forgotten.

Our "breakfast for supper" is:
  • a small bunch of organic lettuce
  • a few eggs sunny side up (eating yolks uncooked allows for more nutrients to remain in yolk)
  • a few slices of bacon  (Trader Joe's has some great pastured bacon!)
  • a piece of sourdough bread with lots of Amish butter 

Remember to find FRESH, local FARM eggs from a trusted source. Plus, in this meal the yolk is all the "dressing" needed for the lettuce.

Also, always check your ingredients when purchasing sourdough bread.  If YEAST is listed, then it is not a true sour-leavened bread and I would AVOID it.

Trader Joe's has a decent sourdough bread and also some sprouted breads we purchase (to maximize nutrient absorption and minimize phytic acid from the grain.) 

A tip on preparing bacon, is to pre-cook big batches and freeze so it is ready when you need it, toaster ovens work great to reheat bacon!

This is a quick, nutritious meal, that can be prepared in minutes!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dr. Oz, Amalgams, and Toxicity

Looks like Dr Oz hit another hot topic on Thursday, March 28th, 2013.  

On this show he aired a segment on Mercury Amalgam (silver) fillings.  

This is a fairly informative show for people who have never heard, but still lacking in some very important information.  Click here to watch the show.

By airing this show and exposing the truth about the toxicity of mercury (amalgam fillings) it instigated an immediate alert from the American Dental Association (ADA) to "provide talking points to use with their patients."  

According to Dr. Mark Breiner, from Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in Connecticut, the show could have been better.  

The two dentists that appeared on this show do not place amalgam fillings, one for aesthetic reasons, and one for fear of their potential toxic effects.  

These two dentists also said that patients should ABSOLUTELY NOT have their fillings removed.  They also did NOT EXPLAIN WHY the mercury vapor is so high during removal or HOW to protect the patient, the dentist, and the dental assistant during removal.  

They should have educated that to even have ONE MERCURY filling removed improperly, can be very dangerous to all involved. 

REMOVING AMALGAMS is definitely a healthy consideration, BUT having a QUALIFIED dentist is of most importance! 

Click here to FIND a holistic dentist near you 

Local?  Look at this Holistic Dentist here in Greenville.

It also would have been beneficial to see some of this research addressed as well:

  • Studies done on sheep showed that mercury from dental amalgams migrated to all the tissues and organs.
  • This same study also showed that the mercury passed the placental barrier, going directly to the fetus.
  • Other research has shown that mercury from fillings concentrates in the mother's milk and passes to the infant.
  • Studies that show that mercury comes off of these fillings WITH ANY stimulation in the mouth.
The segment on dealing with the ways to protect yourself if you have mercury fillings, such as avoiding acidic foods (such as tomatoes and grapefruits- really? stop eating these foods?), drink coffee through a straw(?) left much to be desired.  The helpful advice was however to eat cilantro, garlic, and take a chlorella supplement.  BUT, even certain chlorella can be high in mercury, so you need to know it is from a high quality source.  Dr. Breiner states "trying to eliminate mercury from the body, while still having mercury fillings in the mouth, is like trying to bail water from a boat with holes in the hull."

Dr. Mark Breiner offers a book, Whole-Body Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health .  You may wish to follow up this Dr. Oz show with this book to gain a better understanding of how your mouth care directly affects your whole body.

Also, if you have never read the book Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel , you may want to dive into it.  AVOIDING cavities and FILLINGS altogether is not just myth but reality for many people.  HEALING cavities is also a reality.  Diet and nutrition are key, so if you are serious about your health, these are books you want to read!