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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wild Plant Ally & Food Under Foot

Wild Plant Ally Workbook
Food Under Foot is a website that is totally devoted to just what it says!  The mission statement of the folks behind this great site reads like this:

"Our Mission is to entertain and re-educate people about nutrition and healthy eating by providing information on the nutritional and medicinal value of uncultivated, wild edibles.   We focus on the edibles that abound in our local environment, often characterized as “weeds” and mischaracterized as a nuisance."

There are so many valuable things on this site.  Pictures and descriptions that are so helpful.

They offer a FREE 5-Part Wild Edible Series for signing up with their newsletter.  (Very good!)...BUT, one of my most favorite things from this site is their e-book, Wild Plant Ally, pictured here!

This is a workbook!  It is basically a template for YOUR study on your wild plant that YOU wish to know more about.  (Note, if you are in the REAL FOOD Challenge will want to have one of these e-books to participate with us-during the month of August !)

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