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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Under Your Armpit?

DeoDad, Natural Deodorant
I can tell you what's been under my armpit lately!  Deo Dad!

This is such a blessing to me and my family.  We have struggled trying to find a suitable deodorant for one and all.  I had many things on my list that I didn't want to see in our deodorant, but had the hardest time finding one that worked for everybody AND didn't cause some sort of irritation or rash.

Finally, I can say we have found a perfect deodorant that meets all our criteria!  This natural coconut oil based deodorant is by far the best "natural" deodorant I have used.  It is truly 100% wholesome and does just what it says..."You won't stink!"...and is as easy as popping the cap!

Uncommonly Natural Products LLC has created this deodorant (Deo Dad) with the health conscious person in mind.  They designed a product that they were happy to use themselves and now are offering this great product to others too. 

Store bought deodorants contain so many ingredients that are undesirable for many reasons (and even some "health store deodorants" too. ) Even if you choose to refrain from using anti-perspirants because of the aluminum in them, many deodorants still contain things such as parabens and sulfates or other toxic junk.  Check your labels, you want to avoid things on this list:
  • Aluminum-linked to Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer
  • Parabens- synthetic preservatives- possible hormonal disruptions, birth defects, and organ toxicity associated with these-very dangerous substances (they don't just accumulate in the breasts, but travel throughout the body)...AVOID!
  • Triclosan- used as an antibacterial, this is classified as a pesticide by the FDA
  • Propylene Glycol- basically anti-freeze, this has been linked to cause damage to the liver, heart and central nervous system
  • Phthalates- chemicals liked to health issues and birth defects
  • Artificial fragrances- the term "fragrances" is so broad and deceptive as to what is in the product that unless you know it is a safe substance that ingredient should be avoided
  • Sodium Laurly Sulfate- a suspected carcinogen linked to kidney and liver damage, even banned in Europe
The website is a great place to find out more about your favorite products and what are truly safe substances to use...check them out.

Besides, sweating is a natural thing... so sweat, "just don't stink!"

Use Deo Dad and tell me what you think...It is available online here and also locally in the store.  It is currently available in the Original, Vanilla, and Lavender.  

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