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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Living Without a Microwave


Life without a microwave is really quite easy! 

At first the kids were very agitated that they actually had to "prepare ahead" for those snacks and quick meals that they were used to having access to, but now, not so!

 If this is an issue for you too, take heart!  Life without a microwave can be accomplished and even accepted by the most grumpiest of persons. :)

Heating up left overs on the stove top is not so bad...adds a few more dishes sometimes, but knowing I eliminated the hazards of toxic blood, I feel better!

Also, here a couple of crocks and pans we have found that make quick reheats in the toaster oven a lot easier...

Crocks and pans for heating in toaster over
Stainless steel cake pans etc, are wonderful to use in toaster ovens.  Also, small crocks work great for small items you need heated for a short time.

Shop around and see what you can find that fits into your toaster oven so you can be prepared if you make the transition.

Having something ready when you need it helps a lot!

Here are some interesting links below on the dangers of microwaves...please study and use your own discretion as to whether or not you think you can live without the use of a microwave again!

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