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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream!

Homemade vanilla ice cream without sugar!
This is our favorite recipe!  It is so easy to make and the kids just beg for it!  With the basic vanilla recipe you can add flavors, fruits, sugar free candies, nut butters...whatever you desire!

Our Favorite Ice Cream:

3 cups cream (preferably raw, or low temp. pasteurized, but not ultra-pasteurized)
3 egg yolks from a local farm
1 TBSP vanilla extract
2 TBSP xylitol, non GMO source
3 drops liquid stevia (I used Now brand stevia glycerite )

Blend with your beaters till a little fluffy and add to your ice cream maker or churn.  (The Cuisinart is the kind of ice cream maker we use.)  Once the ice cream is frozen, it is ready to serve right from your machine.  Ours never makes it to the freezer!
(This recipe is an adaption from

Our Second Favorite Ice Cream recipe:

1 can coconut milk (13.5 oz)
2 eggs, room temperature (farm fresh)
1 TBSP vanilla
1/8 tsp sea salt
2 TBSP Truvia (or 1 TBSP xylitol and 1 drop of stevia)

Blend thoroughly in a blender and add to your ice cream machine or churn.  This is our stand by recipe when fresh cream is not available.  With this basic recipe you can add sugar free chocolate chips or fruit, nut butters, etc...
(This recipe is an adaption from

Note:  Both of these recipes require raw egg yolks or whole eggs...please use a reputable source for raw eggs!  I wouldn't be comfortable eating raw eggs from the store.  Just my personal opinion.

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