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Friday, January 4, 2013

Weight-Loss and The Diet Cure

The Diet Cure book by julia Ross
This is a post I have been meaning to write for some some time now and just never sat down to get it done.  I read Julia Ross' The Diet Cure book quite awhile ago and got a lot of help from it personally. 

I have struggled with "carb" addiction and some other weight-related issues for many years.  When I read this book and followed her recommendations for amino acids, things changed drastically for me.  

The change was so immediate (within a day) that I was amazed with how well these amino acids work.

I told a friend that if you suffer from any kind of addiction, I believe her plan would work!  After I started the recommended protocol unique to my survey, even coffee was not a "must-have" for me.  (I love my coffee-but didn't CRAVE it after starting the protocol!)

So, if you have any cravings or addictions that interfere with your New Year's Resolution, then you may want to buy or rent a copy of this fabulous book.  

Also, Julia Ross has a website here at, and even does consultations if needed.  Her site is full of valuable information, so please take a minute and check it out if this sounds like something you may benefit from.  I purchased my copy of her book a few years ago from Amazon used books for less than $5.00 with shipping!  It was one of the best $5.00 investments I have made! 

She mentions a neat "trick" in her book for an immediate carb or sugar up an L-Glutamine capsule and place the powder directly under your tongue...this will help to very quickly deter the impulse to cave into the craving.  

Don't wait!  There is a lot more GREAT information in her book!!

Sometimes it is just NOT a matter of willpower!!

(Kindle Version Here )

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