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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Brushing Enough? Should I Blott?

Blotting Brush with Cover

According to the inventor of the Phillips Blotting Technique, blotting your teeth, may be more important than brushing. 

The late Dr. Joseph Phillips, DDS, MS, a periodontal dentist in Osseo, WI, developed the Blotting Toothbrush (pictured above) and also the technique commonly referred to as The Blotting Technique more than 60 years ago.  This method along with total mouth hygiene is a proven way to stop nearly all-dental problems and prevention of others.

How could that be more important than brushing?  

Brushing is described by Dr. Phillips as merely cosmetic.  Yes, you are cleaning your teeth, (basically polishing them) but what is happening to all the debris?

Dr. Phillips says it is the same idea of brushing a floor with a rug on top of it (the floor being your tooth and the rug being your gum.)  When you brush, some of the plaque and debris is going to land just inside the gum line due to the brushing...and that is where blotting comes in.  

As a young boy, Dr. Phillips watched his mother paint a window frame and noticed that in some places excess paint flowed down in blobs.  He watched as she wiped the paint brush on the edge of the paint bucket, removing all possible paint out of the brush. Next, she then held up the brush to the blobs of paint still on the window frame and saw the blob of paint wicked up into the brush by capillary action into the bristles.  It was at this time, at just a young age of 16, that Joe thought "There is an answer to removing the saliva with its food and decay causing bacteria (and dead cells) from the mouth."  This capillary action is the same action of the blotting brush design.  It doesn't just sweep debris under a gum, but it actually vacuums up the debris at the gum line when performed correctly.

I myself, have been using a blotting brush and do enjoy the noticeable difference of a clean mouth versus a shiny polished mouth.  There is a video you can watch here on the technique invented by Dr. Phillips, although, I will warn you...I don't recommend the "sucking" the brush clean part.  Grosses me out.  I prefer the clean under the water method and tap dry on the sink much better.  Nevertheless, this video is invaluable in the demonstration of performing this method, and attaining the results that those who have been fortunate enough to use this program have also enjoyed.

Less cavities, less uncomfortable cleanings, less surgery, and less tooth loss!!

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