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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Honeybees Disappearing, Fake Honey & More

Polyester Bees

Hive and Seek:  Domestic Honeybees are Disappearing, but are Their Wild Cousins in Trouble Too? 

Honeybees are not just for honey.  They are our world's pollinators and amazing little creatures.  I have read this article back in May of last year and thought it was worthy to post here...we need to know what is happening to these little guys and contribute to their longevity as much as possible.

Please click on the link above or click here to read the article and see an informational slideshow on 13 native bees.   (I found the 16 comments very interesting as well.)

 Many people don't realize the crisis we would find ourselves in without these pollinators. 

Here are more articles on honey, bees, honey's place in a healthy life, and more from Dr. Mercola:

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One word of caution regarding honey- if you buy it, don't buy it from a big company, read your your local grower, most honey sold in the stores is FAKE and usually imported from China.

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