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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dr. Mark Breiner

Whole Body Dentistry by Dr. Mark Breiner

Meet Dr. Mark Breiner, author of the book, Whole-Body DentistryHis website is here at Whole Body Med, (plus, SIGN UP FOR HIS NEWSLETTER!).  Dr. Breiner is the lead off man in the HealThy Mouth Summit, that is being offered here for FREE, but the summit will only be for a short time...YOU don't want to miss ANY of the experts in this summit! (There are MANY, MANY more!)  

Each day from January 13th through the 20th there will be new speakers during this presentation you don't want to miss!  

Today, the presentation is LIVE, so hurry up and get signed up, and you may still be able to hear this spectacular presentation from Dr. Mark Breiner.

Here are the topics he covered in this presentation today:
  • The risks of mercury fillings
  • The risks of root canals and solutions if you have root canal teeth
  • How mainstream dentistry does not look at the body as a whole and the negative implications of this oversight
  • The risks of cavitations
  • Tools of the whole body dentist
  • And so much more!
Hurry, get registered today!   

Read this small excerpt from Dr. Breiner's book Whole Body Dentistry:

"For example, a patient came to me with chronic sinus problems which seemed to have no cause or cure. Without even examining him, I immediately asked if he had any root canal work performed on his upper first molar, which is on the same energy meridian as the maxillary sinuses. He was amazed that I had “guessed” correctly and further conversation uncovered that his sinus problems had indeed begun after the root canal. All other treatments having failed, the offending tooth was then removed. Within a week, his sinusitis completely disappeared.

It can often be that simple. A Whole-Body Dentist is like a detective sorting through a series of clues and signals and putting the information together in a different way to discover the real source of problems. Often extracting a misaligned or offending tooth will alleviate a whole host of seemingly unrelated physical symptoms in a matter of days. Some problems will actually correct immediately. I have had patients who, post-procedure and still in the dental chair, reported an immediate improvement in their symptoms, (for example, improved eyesight). Do not underestimate the impact of your teeth and mouth on your entire body’s health."

To read the whole excerpt he offers on his site, click here.
Whole Body Dentistry by Dr. Mark Breiner

Whole-Body Dentistry®: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health, Kindle Edition

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