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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beef Bone Broth, Very Traditional Fare

Beef-Bone Broth in the making
Considering the events of the last few days, making two big batches of delicious beef broth seemed plausible.

See, what happened was my freezer took a day off and that lead me to making some broth quick or losing all my bones!  So, I made this nutritious and totally satisfying broth/ beef stock for days on end till my bones were used up.

Traditional cooking isn't traditional unless you make bone broth in my book.

The best cookbook I have ever owned for traditional fare, hands down, is Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon(It is in Kindle Version too.)

This book covers so much about nutrition it is really a small nutrition course if read cover to cover.  (See the recipe links below for what I am making in the picture above.  This bone broth has been simmering for about 8 hours as you can see initially the water line was near the brim of the pot.)  With a bone broth your meals are endless and you can rest totally satisfied in feeling GREAT about the nutritional quality of your end result.

Here is a brief excerpt from Nourishing Traditions regarding the value of stock in ones' diet: 

"Properly prepared, meat stocks are extremely nutritious, containing the minerals of bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes, a form that is easy to assimilate.  Acidic wine or vinegar added during the cooking helps to draw minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium, into the broth.  Dr. Francis Pottenger, author of the famous cat studies as well as articles on the benefits of gelatin in broth, taught that the stockpot was the most important piece of equipment to have in one's kitchen."

"The public is generally unaware of the large amount of research on the beneficial effects of gelatin (true gelatin made from the bone broth) taken with foodGelatin acts first and foremost as an aid to digestion and has been used successfully in the treatment of many intestinal disorders, including hyperacidity, colitis and Crohn's disease.  Although gelatin is by no means a complete protein, containing only the amino acids arginine and glycine in large amounts, it acts a protein sparer, allowing the body to more fully utilize the complete proteins that are taken in.  Thus, the gelatin-rich broths are a must for those who cannot afford large amounts of meat in their diets.  Gelatin also seems to be of use in the treatments of many chronic disorders, including anemia and other diseases of the blood, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and even cancer."

Here are some great sites for recipes and more info on bone broths and stocks:

A good place to get your bones from is your local butcher.  If that is not convenient for you, then here are some online sources for good quality bones:
Here are some sources to look for bones for sale from your local farmer too:

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