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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Super GREAT "Making Lard" Tutorial

Homemade rendered lard

Ever wanted to make your own lard?  Not sure where to start or how?

One of the best tutorials I have seen on making your own lard, filled with many educational blurbs and links, is right here at Homeward Bound, (click here.)

There are many reasons to make your own lard.  The most obvious reason being cost.  

It will save you money if you learn how to render your own lard and supply you and your family with a healthy saturated fat suited for most of your cooking needs.  

READ the supplied link to the post through because there are so many hidden nuggets, you will want to ponder and absorb them all!  Plus, she explains WHY you want to use lard and WHY it is healthy for you too.  Great post.

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