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Friday, December 7, 2012

Wheat Belly & Dr. Oz

Are You Addicted to Wheat?

My daughter came in the house the other day all excited to see something on Dr. Oz's Show that we have been talking about for quite some time now.  While at a family member's house, she saw the Dr. Oz Show and understood what Dr. Davis was explaining about wheat.  (It is nice to know that this stuff hits home with your children even when they don't say a lot about it.)

On December 3rd, 2012,  Dr. Oz originally aired a show about "Frankenwheat, Could you be Addicted?"  

I was planning on posting about Dr. Davis and his book, Wheat Belly very soon, but since this show just recently aired, you may like to watch it for yourself too.  I am already a believer that modern wheat is bad for you, but this is a nice introduction for many people who just don't know or never heard.

Click here to see the Dr. Oz Show with Wheat Belly's author, Dr. Davis (3 Parts).

If this is new information for you, be sure to read this article related to the show as well.

Dr. Davis has his own site here, at Wheat Belly Blog.  His blog is loaded with information and wheat free recipes. 

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