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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Great Cholesterol Myth - Oh My!!

The Great Cholesterol Myth by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Have you checked out Integrative Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra's Heart MD Institute site yet?  

Look at what he has published now!  I can't wait to read a copy of it.  Watch his short video introduction here, it is only 2 minutes long and gives you a brief rundown of his book and the current "cholesterol myth" that is floating around everywhere today.  If this is NEW to you, PLEASE WATCH THIS!!!

We personally use several of his recommended supplements and I believe in his reports 100%.  He is all about education now that he is retired from practicing cardiology.  I think I have read or at least skimmed every book he has authored or co-authored.

The "cholesterol myth" is really of great importance.  Many people are unaware that cholesterol has a very important role in your health and high cholesterol isn't necessarily bad.  There are many different types of cholesterol- even broken down farther then just the HDL and LDL values.  Please take a quick minute to watch Dr. Sinatra's video, this information is too important to miss, especially with statin prescriptions on the rise.

Get the book...
Get the Kindle Version.
Click here for more information to read concerning cholesterol and statin drugs.

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