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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Silver Sol, What You Must Know

Silver Biotics Family Size
Where do I start?!  This product is absolutely fantastic!

We have used colloidal silver for several years before finding this and we will never go back.  

Many people get this silver product confused with a colloid, but it is not, in fact, it is very different.  

This product is a sol, which is a molecularly bound silver versus a colloidal silver which is basically a suspension that can potentially "come loose."  

Colloidals have been known to cause argyria (blue man syndrome- permanently turning a person blue) and also there is still some controversy about whether or not the silver builds up in the body.

A sol on the other hand is not so.  With it molecularly bound to the water, the silver passes through the body killing bacteria and any other invading suspects that are disabled by it.  Since it is bound to the water it will not cause argyria (a relief!) and also heavy metal residue is not a concern either, since it passes through unmetabolized.

This is a patented product that only American Biotech has.  Amazing, huh!

This silver sol comes in many different sizes from 8 oz to a whopping 32 oz!  The gel as seen below is our first choice for burn care, insect bites, rashes, cuts, scrapes, etc.  

These two products are safe for ANY ORIFICE of your body.  It is even known to cure Malaria!

We have used this for years and LOVE it!!  I really thank the Lord for allowing this product to be invented.

There are more than 280 studies and reports that have been done on this product and continued research as well.  Plus, unlike an antibiotic it does NOT cause drug resistant strains from forming with extended use.  

It is meant to be your "first line of defense!"

We have used it personally for ear infections, eye infections, respiratory infections, bladder infections, food poisoning, sinus is a blessing from the Lord.

Silver Sol Body Care Gel
We carry the 16 oz and 32 oz liquid silver sol and the 4 oz gel at the moment.  You can find it here, if you are interested or at the local store.

This is a must for anyone in the health care profession where you are exposed to an array of pathogens.  It is definitely one supplement I wouldn't want to be without.

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