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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hair Care & Argan Oil

Hair Care and Moroccan Argan OilWhat would you do with hair like this?  Use Argan Oil!  We have found that this oil is so beneficial in the care of hair.  It is not greasy (in that it leaves a greasy mess in your hair), but is quickly absorbed by the hair shafts, simmering down frizz and unruliness.   It can be applied to wet or dry hair.                                                                                    
We found this oil at Sally's Beauty Supply and have really liked it ever since.   So, if you are in need of some sheen and care, try argan oil and hopefully you will be glad you did.  Start off applying it in small amounts or it will take a few days to completely absorb if you apply too much at once.

One 'n Only Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Also, in regards to supplements for boosting your hair growth and strength, I have found these few daily supplements to help:
           Biotin (about 1,000mcg)
           MSM (2-3,000mg-preferrably one that is heavy metal free
           Zinc (no more than 50mg)

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