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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Quick Comparison of Protein Bars

Quest Coconut Cashew Protein BarI admit, I am human! ;)

I do have weaknesses from time to time.  I try to eat as healthy as possible, but there are just moments that I am hungry and flat out don't have time to eat.  

What do I do in those moments of weakness?  I eat a Quest bar.  

Nutritionally speaking, fresh meat and veggies, with lots of healthy fat would be BEST, but in a pinch, they work.  I know some nutrition experts could pick apart the ingredients and "nit pick" it to death, but in all fairness, this is a comparison of Quest bars and any other protein bar.

They have better than most ingredients I have ever seen in a protein bar.
Let me show you what I mean... 
                              Here is a label from your regular run of the mill protein bar:
Any Protein Bar

                            And here is a label from a Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest bar:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest protein bar label
  • No soy, 
  • no caseinate, 
  • no HFCS, 
  • no corn syrup or corn syrup solids, 
  • no malitol, 
  • no vegetable monogycerides, 
  • no dextrose, 
  • no fructose, 
  • or synthetic vitamins listed...see the diefference?

(We do carry these in our local store and also online, if you are interested in trying them.  The vanilla almond crunch and the chocolate brownie are two of my favorites.) 

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