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Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs From Our Chickens
Why choose farm fresh free range eggs?

There are several reasons worth knowing and understanding.

Not only are they FRESH, meaning they are not already several weeks old before they get to the store shelves, but they are loaded with nutrition.  

Here's an idea of the nutritional difference I am talking about:

Naturally Occurring In Farm Fresh Eggs (Compared to Industrialized Eggs):

Differences Graph of Fresh Eggs and Industrialized Eggs
4-6 Times More Vitamin D
1/3 Less Cholesterol
1/4 Less Saturated Fat
2/3 More Vitamin A
2 Times More Omega-3 Fatty Acids
3 Times More Vitamin E
7 Times More Beta Carotene
You want to buy eggs that are from chickens raised in a healthy environment where chickens are allowed to free-range and forage for food, allowed to run around and enjoy sunshine, that's the kind of eggs I want to eat.  Chickens need love and sunshine too!

See these links below for a lot more information on fresh eggs off the farm.

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