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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Case for HCG & Weight-Loss

Could HCG be a Life Ring?

Could HCG be a life ring?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is the hormone that is excreted in pregnant women's urine.  This hormone increases daily in pregnancy.  Dr. Simeons is the founder of Pounds and Inches, a manuscript written by him, explaining his protocol of his treatment of obesity.   This document is easily found across the internet, describing his approach to using a 500 calorie diet plan along with an intramuscular injection of HCG that he used to treat obesity for weight-loss or weight-redistribution. 

Today, much more current research has been done investigating just why and how this hormone-diet therapy works to abolish abnormal fat.  A book written by exercise physiologist, Robin Phipps Woodall, Weight Loss Apocalypse, has shed some light on what a very good hypothesis might be regarding Dr. Simeon's HCG Protocol.  It seems that there is a connection with a newly discovered hormone called Leptin and the hormone, HCG.  The hormone leptin is thought to be resistant (or desensitized) in an obese person's body where the hunger-appetite-satiety response is out of kilter. 

By presenting a low dose of HCG in an obese person's body, this hunger-appetite-satiety is somehow resensitized and the body readily begins to use the abnormal fat storage for fuel in the presence of Dr. Simeons' 500 calorie diet. 

In Robin Phipps Woodall's book, Weight Loss Apocalypse , many other strategies and behavioral patterns are exposed to succeed at weight-loss and maintaining it.  

Robin offers local assistance with her Mind:Body HCG Method and also long distance assistance as well. 

For more information about contacting Robin, click here
To watch Robin on video about HCG & Weight Loss Apocalypse, click here.  
Robin explains "How HCG prevents starvation during the 500 calorie protocol."

There are many clinics with physician led treatment in all parts of the country.  Click here for an extremely educational and informative video on the HCG diet that can change the life of an obese person by a world renown Integrative Cardiologist, Dr. James Roberts.

Click here to read a copy of Dr. Simeons manuscript, Pounds & Inches

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