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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sea Salt or Table Salt?

Celtic Sea Salt
My Jarred Celtic Sea Salt- Isn't it Lovely?
We only ever use sea salt in our house.  The reason why is simple.  

Typical table salt that you would buy from the grocery shelf is void of precious minerals and elements your body needs.  Not only that, it can also be potentially toxic to your health.  Refined table salt has be stripped of all the natural minerals that are found in salt.  Refined table salt has also been exposed to toxic chemicals to "bleach" it white.  

I prefer to use Celtic Sea Salt for all my baking and cooking.  The flavor and taste it adds to food is amazing.  I always heard the best cooking is made better with an excellent quality sea salt and I do believe that is true.  I have used Redmond's Real Sea Salt too and like the fine version for the salt shaker.

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