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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Simple Cranberry Relish

Cranberries are such an amazing fruit!   

Packed with antioxidants, they are not only beneficial to your urinary tract, but emerging research shows they have a lot to offer elsewhere in your body too!

Did you know there is actually a Cranberry Institute

Try this easy and delicious recipe to increase your intake of cranberries:

1 bag of frozen or fresh cranberries, cleaned and rinsed (I buy in the fall and freeze for all year long use)
1 orange, frozen or fresh, peeled (I also peel and freeze orange sections when in season)
1 TBSP of xylitol from non GMO source (more or less to your taste)

(Optional:  exchange orange with an apple-peel if not organic)

Blend in a food processor till the consistency you desire.  Enjoy!


The bowl on the left is with an orange and the right is with an apple (I left the skin on the apple) kids like this tart, but if you want it more sweet, add a dash of stevia or another spoonful of xylitol.

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